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Safari in South Africa
May 2008

The X-Caliber X-VIP bipod is Made in the U.S.A.

The X-Caliber X-VIP Bipods were designed for Law Enforcement, Military Snipers, Designated Marksmen, NRA F Class Shooters, and Hunters.

The patented X-VIP bipod design is equipped with a field tested array of Sims Vibration Laboratories dampeners that absorb vibration and provide you with the bipod for any situation.  This technology helps the shooter to keep his "eye on the target" and most of all, it improves accuracy with every shot.

For the shooters on an aerial platform, the hood of a police vehicle, a hunter on his/her pickup truck, or any individual shooting, the unique vibration dampeners of the the X-Caliber X-VIP make it a critical accessory to control or eliminate vibration and improve accuracy.

X-Caliber, LLC is a Veteran owned business.

Made in the USA

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